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If you filled out your new patient forms and do not have an appointment already scheduled, please be sure to request a hearing screening.

Once you submit your request, you will be contacted by Concept staff and scheduled for your appointment within two business hours.

For more information on hearing health, please visit our blog.

The importance of follow-up appointments

A good hearing aid fit isn’t always easy, and it’s almost never accomplished after just one appointment. The first visit to get your hearing aids fitted may be the most important, but follow-ups can make the difference in your road to better hearing and a better quality of life. These routine visits offer opportunities for

Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance – Getting the most out of your hearing aids

It is important to treat your hearing aid with care. If you do, you will keep it in working order for many years and minimize potential problems during everyday use. Hearing aids may be sturdy, but they cannot withstand improper use. In the following, you will find a few valuable care tips. Which is which?

How loud is too loud – Decibel Chart

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). Sounds at or above 85 dBA* can cause hearing loss. The louder the sound, the quicker it can damage your hearing. *dBA = A-weighted decibels Why Protect Your Hearing? Noise-induced hearing loss can build over time, is permanent and is preventable. How to Protect Your Hearing: Lower the volume