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Ask Doctor Oct

Q. I recently purchased hearing aids but I’m amazed and a little overwhelmed with all the noise I’m not used to hearing! How can I block out some of these noises? It can be a little distracting. A. Background noise naturally happens to everyone regardless of hearing aids. Our brains are usually pretty good about

Realistic Expectations for Hearing Aids

Many first-time hearing aid wearers expect their hearing to be restored to “normal”, but that is rarely the case. Realistically, hearing aids will improve your hearing and listening abilities by modifying the sounds around you. Although hearing aid technology has made tremendous advances in the last few years, nothing on the market today can reproduce

What Each Degree of Hearing Loss Means

When someone is professionally diagnosed with a hearing loss, he or she is typically told the degree of their hearing loss – mild, moderate, severe, or profound. The degree of hearing loss, as the names suggest, indicate the severity of the hearing loss measured as the difference between hearing thresholds. A mild hearing loss ranges