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Hearing Loss and Farmers: Jim’s Story

Farm safety is an important issue here in Iowa, and hearing safety is an important part of farm safety. Many people think that hearing loss is mostly associated with getting older, but for farmers, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) starts early. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a 25-year-old farmer can often

Noise-Induced and Occupational Hearing Loss Facts

We encounter many sounds at various decibels every day and most are safe to our ears. However, noises that are especially loud or very loud for an extended period of time, such as industrial noises, can do significant and sometimes long-term damage to hearing. This damage can affect one or both ears, causing sounds to

Ask Doc Oct

Doc Oct is a panel of 8 Concept Doctors, Audiologists & Dispensers that give hearing aid advice via questions from our website. Q\.  Dear Concept I’m in desperate need of new hearing aids.   They’re quite old, and I’m beginning to experience a lot of the same difficulties I experienced when I first started losing