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We appreciate the confidence you place in us regarding your hearing health care needs. Your personal referrals are the highest compliment that you can pay us!

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Are You Ready For Game Day? Hearing Loss and Sports

No matter what your favorite sport is, you know the sound of a roaring crowd cheering on your favorite team, and the camaraderie and enthusiasm that go with it. Many consider the noise that fans make at sporting events, especially when playing at home, an essential part of the game. As home-team fans, we collectively

5 Myths about Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids Debunked

As hearing health professionals, we’ve heard the oldest objections in the book to hearing aids and treating hearing loss. The stigmas carried by hearing loss and hearing aids are often outdated and untrue. Treating hearing loss early and effectively can help improve your hearing and prevent long-term damage to your ears. Below, we debunk some

How loud is too loud – Decibel Chart

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). Sounds at or above 85 dBA* can cause hearing loss. The louder the sound, the quicker it can damage your hearing. *dBA = A-weighted decibels Why Protect Your Hearing? Noise-induced hearing loss can build over time, is permanent and is preventable. How to Protect Your Hearing: Lower the volume