Friends and Family Referral Program

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Thank you for your referral!

We appreciate the confidence you place in us regarding your hearing health care needs. Your personal referrals are the highest compliment that you can pay us!

For more information on hearing health, please visit our blog.

Realistic Expectations for Hearing Aids

Many first-time hearing aid wearers expect their hearing to be restored to “normal”, but that is rarely the case. Realistically, hearing aids will improve your hearing and listening abilities by modifying the sounds around you. Although hearing aid technology has made tremendous advances in the last few years, nothing on the market today can reproduce

Ask Doc Oct

Doc Oct is a panel of 8 Concept Doctors, Audiologists & Dispensers that give hearing aid advice via questions from our website. Q\.  Dear Concept I’m in desperate need of new hearing aids.   They’re quite old, and I’m beginning to experience a lot of the same difficulties I experienced when I first started losing

A Hearing Loss Love Story

Jean Mark and her husband, Larry, came into our Concept clinic in West Des Moines in February to get Larry’s hearing screened. They had friends who came to Concept for hearing aids and decided to come in for a free hearing screening. When we asked what brought them in to see us, Jean told us