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You Won’t Believe This Shocking Discovery About E­Cigarettes

The entertainment community was rocked by news that musician Rob Swire temporarily lost his hearing. The reason? Swire correlated his loss to e­cig usage. E­Cigarettes are devices that use various chemicals and water vapor to produce an alternative to tobacco products. The mixture is called “e­juice”. The chemical propylene glycol, which is used as a

The importance of follow-up appointments

A good hearing aid fit isn’t always easy, and it’s almost never accomplished after just one appointment. The first visit to get your hearing aids fitted may be the most important, but follow-ups can make the difference in your road to better hearing and a better quality of life. These routine visits offer opportunities for

Roadmap to Getting Hearing Aids

The journey to better hearing often starts with a little research. Before choosing a hearing health provider and buying hearing aids, there are some important steps to take along the way. Seek help If a hearing aid is appropriate, it’s crucial to pick a hearing professional who answers all your questions and listens to your