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How to Improve Your Hearing

Most hearing loss is either due to auditory nerve dysfunction or a medical condition blocking the travel of sound or a mix of both. Although there are ways to strengthen your hearing, there isn’t a home remedy for hearing loss. If you suffer from significant hearing loss, you should see a professional for a hearing

Seven Ways to Pay for Hearing Aids

If you’ve read our Hearing Aid Buying Guide, you already know about the technology that goes into a hearing aid, and how much each technology level should cost. For many, the next step is figuring out how to pay for hearing aids. Navigating this part of your hearing health journey can be tricky, so we

Richard Petty Gives The Behind-The-Scenes Of The Concept Connection

A NASCAR legend talks about Concept’s mobile clinic before the conversion This year, Concept soft-launched a mobile hearing clinic to reach under-served communities in Iowa.   The mobile clinic is an RV formerly owned by none other than racer Richard Petty.   We sat down with Richard briefly to discuss what the RV was like