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How to Use Your Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories are devices that connect, or ‘pair’, with your wireless Concept hearing aids to enhance your hearing experience in everyday situations. “Although hearing aids have come along way over the past decade in not only providing proper amplification but also functioning very well in background noise situations, having the ability to pair one

Facts about Hearing Loss

For many people, gradual hearing loss is considered a natural process that comes with getting older. It often goes untreated due to lack of knowledge or neglect by both patients and doctors. For example, only 16% percent of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss. Even more damaging, people who believe they may be suffering from

Roadmap to Getting Hearing Aids

—Seek recommendations. If a hearing aid is appropriate, it’s crucial to pick a hearing professional who answers all your questions and listens to your concerns. Options include an audiologist, who has a master’s or doctoral degree, or a hearing aid dispenser, who may be equally knowledgeable.  Ask relatives and friends who have a hearing aid.