Budget Hearing Aids

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You need a solution to your hearing problems but you are on a strict budget. You don’t want to sacrifice quality or break the bank. Our budget line is a great entry into hearing what you may have been missing.

Great products follow through the entire range at Concept. The Budget range delivers exceptional improvements to your hearing with simple, easy-to-use devices that are designed to produce maximum results at a minimal price.

The Budget range is accessible from as little as $1,499 and provides an excellent entryway to the Concept experience.

Within the range are variations to suit over 80% of hearing losses and tailored programs to adapt to your changing life style. All backed up with our industry leading warranty. Choosing from the Budget range could be the perfect solution when working with a tight budget.

 To learn more about our budget line of hearing aids, schedule a free hearing screening online or give us a call at one of our clinic locations throughout Iowa.