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All Concept label hearing aids deliver outstanding sound quality – even in background noise and other tough listening environments – for enhanced speech clarity and understanding. Advancing tiers of our hearing aids offer different reliefs for all lifestyles.

Concept hearing aids offer the highest quality sound, housed in a variety of sleek and modern models. Taking into account your individual needs and preferences, Concept delivers the best hearing technology on the market with state-of-the-art capabilities. Depending on your unique hearing problem and needs, your hearing health expert will work with you to recommend the best available fit for best possible sound.

Concept Advantage 7

The Concept Advantage 7 is the first of its kind to offer a better connection to all the sounds of life, connecting with and streaming directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Learn more »

Concept Mini

Concept Mini

Concept Mini hearing aids are designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal for ultimate comfort, there is no other hearing aid this small, capable of this much performance. AutoSense OS adapts automatically and seamlessly to sounds wherever you are, and Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ sends speech from one ear to the other, allowing you to hear better and understand more. Learn more »

Concept Recharge

The Concept Recharge is the quickest charging, longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid ever. The groundbreaking built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology provides 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge when fully charged. AutoSense OS is designed with your everyday listening situations in mind, seamlessly adapting to sounds wherever you are. Learn more »

concept connect hearing aids

Concept Connect S

The Concept Connect S offers Natural Directionality II™ to better localize speech in noisy environments and the Noise Tracker II™ noise reduction system to reduce unwanted background noise. The Concept Connect series hearing aids allow you to personalize your hearing by creating and saving your own favorite settings. Your hearing health expert can also adjust your aids remotely – without slowing you down! Learn more »

Concept Connect M

The Concept Connect M features specialized software that allows high frequency sounds to regain audibility, and scans the environment to automatically change based upon the noise level. The Concept Connect series hearing aids allow you to personalize them with favorite settings, or your hearing health expert can adjust your aids remotely. Learn more »

concept connect hearing aids
concept connect hearing aids

Concept Connect C

The Concept Connect C offers new Binaural Directionality™ III with Spatial Sense™ andBinaural Environment Optimizer II™. This supports your brain’s natural ability to process sounds and gives you a natural sense of where sounds are coming from. Tinnitus Management™ gives you customized tinnitus therapy sounds as well as nature sounds. Personalize your Concept Connect series hearing aids with favorite settings, or have your hearing health expert adjust your aids remotely. Learn more »

Concept Patriot

With the Concept Patriot, you can now have a hearing solution that delivers excellent sound quality, speech understanding, and now, Tinnitus management that is affordable. Learn more »

Concept Complete 5

The Concept Complete 5 processes 16 million instructions per second, utilizing DFS Ultra™ II with build in Whistle Control to identify and differentiate feedback from other sounds in the environment, providing consistent volume and rich sound with outstanding feedback control. Learn more »

Concept Complete 9

The Concept Complete 9 offers new Binaural Directionality™ II with Spatial Sense™. This supports your brain’s natural ability to process sounds, enabling you to hear with less effort. Spatial Sense™ gives you a natural sense of where sounds are coming from, and helps you form a detailed sound picture of your surroundings. In a noisy listening situation, Binaural Directionality™ II makes sure you an still understand every word of the conversation. Learn more »

Budget Hearing Aids

If  you need a solution to your hearing problems, but you are on a strict budget, our budget hearing aid line is a great entry into hearing what you may have been missing.
Learn more »

Hearing Aid Accessories

Concept Connect is our series of modern, easy-to-use wireless hearing aid accessories that deliver clear, comfortable and dependable connections to your essential communication devices. Learn more »

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