Quality Hearing Aid Technology

When you need a hearing aid, quality is key. Concept hearing aids offer the highest quality sound, housed in a variety of sleek and modern models. When it comes to selecting the device best suited to correct your hearing loss, you have a number of choices. Options include devices that hook behind the ear (BTE), sit in the outer ear (ITE), or sit in the ear canal (ITC). The option you choose will vary according to your individual hearing needs and your personal preference.

Regardless of the model you choose, Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers offers the latest in hearing devices powered by Danish technology.

The Best Hearing Solutions for You

Taking into account your individual needs and preferences, Concept delivers the best hearing technology on the market with state-of-the-art capabilities. We are proud to be some of the only hearing clinics in the world to offer ReSound LiNX – the world’s first ‘smart’ hearing aid that pairs directly to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad for increased control and functionality.

Depending on your unique hearing problem and needs, your hearing health expert will work with you to recommend the best available fit for best possible sound.

Explore the variety of advanced hearing aids and hearing aid accessories offered by Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers.

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