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We appreciate the confidence you place in us regarding your hearing health care needs. Your personal referrals are the highest compliment that you can pay us!

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Occupational Hearing Loss

It’s always big (but not surprising) news when a celebrity like AC/DC singer Brian Johnson announces career-ending hearing loss problems. After all, night after night of screaming guitars and crashing drums make hearing loss seem inevitable, right? But what about other careers? It turns out that rock stars are hardly alone in experiencing work-related hearing

How to Talk to a Loved One about Hearing Loss

When it comes to helping aging parents, grandparents, spouses, and other relatives, it’s important to talk about hearing loss. Talking to someone about hearing loss, particularly a parent or other family member, should be approached thoughtfully and with compassion. If you believe there may be a problem with a family member’s or a friend’s hearing

Hearing Aid Options Today

There is a lot of confusion today on what to do if you have a hearing loss. Where do you go? Should you buy your hearing aids online? At a big box store? What about these new, so called, over-the-counter options? Or, what about going to your local hearing health care provider? There are many