• 15 JUN 17
    Hearing Loss Affects the Whole Family – The Wiedenhoff Family

    Hearing Loss Affects the Whole Family – The Wiedenhoff Family

    Many families experience the frustration and communication challenges encountered when a family member has a hearing loss. Randy Wiedenhoff’s family was facing those same feelings late last year. Candida, Randy’s daughter, noticed he was having difficulty hearing her over the phone, and often asked her to repeat herself several times. She decided it was time to do something to help her father with his hearing loss. While attending the Iowa State Fair, the Wiedenhoff family learned about Concept’s annual drawing to win a free pair of hearing aids and registered Randy to win.

    Randy’s luck set in, and his name was drawn from thousands of registrants. After Randy was fit with the pair of Concept Advantage 7 hearing aids that he won, Candida said, “Things have been amazing for all of us. I can actually talk with my father over the phone, and he won’t ask me to repeat myself.” Randy became a part of family conversations again, no longer isolated by his hearing loss. “It is so nice to have my father back – it is amazing how bad his hearing was,” Candida said. “He can hear his grandkids call ‘Papa’ to get his attention now.”

    Randy’s hearing aids have also helped him at work. He is the Fire Chief in Clermont, Iowa, and can hear calls, radios, and his pagers more clearly. “It is so nice for our community,” Candida adds.

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