• Summertime Hearing Health Tips

    Summertime Hearing Health Tips

    Hawkeye commentator and Concept patient, Ed Podolak, recently reminded us about the hazards of wearing hearing aids in summer when he lost a hearing aid while swimming. “My right hearing aid popped out and wasn’t found by our pool man for two weeks,” he said. “He left it in the sun to dry for a

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  • Patient Feature – Jeanie Abdo

    Patient Feature – Jeanie Abdo

    Two years ago, Concept patient Jeanie Abdo was having trouble hearing at the dinner table at Christmas and when her grandson would speak to her. “I was saying things that were out of context with the conversation or responding incorrectly to questions. It was embarrassing,” Jeanie confessed. Jeanie’s son-in-law previously went to Concept for a

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  • Patient Feature: Mary O’Day

    Patient Feature: Mary O’Day

    Concept patient Mary O’Day was a nurse for 54 years, and the cacophony of sounds she experienced in the hospital could have affected her hearing over the years. Research shows that some alarms on medical devices can reach as high as 80 dB, and when added to the other sounds in a hospital, they can

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  • Patient Feature: Leon Moeller

    Patient Feature: Leon Moeller

    If you live in the Dixon or Donahue, Iowa area, you might know Leon Moeller as the school bus driver who makes sure your kids arrive safely at school. You might also know him from his days as a factory worker or traveling salesman. What you might not know is that he wears hearing aids.

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  • Patient Feature: Linda and Lyle Hubbard

    Patient Feature: Linda and Lyle Hubbard

    Linda Hubbard originally came to Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers because she won a pair of hearing aids at an event at Riverside Casino. However, it was the service she received at our Coralville clinic that impressed her most: “Sandy was so helpful when I got my hearing aids.” Sometimes, when patients first start

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  • Hearing Around the World: One Patient’s Story

    Hearing Around the World: One Patient’s Story

    Bill and Carolyn McCall are world travelers, so it is very important for Bill to have hearing aids that can adjust on the go with him. When Bill was in the market for new hearing aids, our new Concept Connect series hearing aids sounded like the perfect fit for him.  “The aids are very convenient

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