Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers in the Community

At Concept, our motto is “Iowans helping Iowans”

Owners of Concept by Iowans Hearing Aid Centers, Taylor Parker and Duane Flagel, are dedicated to their mission of Iowans helping Iowans. Concept has donated over $300,000 worth of hearing aids to the Eastern Iowa Flood victims of ’08. They replaced hearing aids regardless of where they were originally purchased.

Every year at the Iowa State Fair, we give away one set of hearing aids each day of the fair, and administer free hearing tests all day, every day, while we are there! Although we stay ahead of the curve with our technology and software, we still believe in the good, old-fashioned golden rule of service – treat our patients the way we would want our own family to be treated.

Here are some highlights of our other philanthropic efforts:

  • Concept donates to The March of Dimes, as well as giving over $100,000-worth of hearing aids annually.
  • We support The Gift of Hearing cause –  Every year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we give 12 pairs of hearing aids to those in need.
  • Concept has multiple locations at the Iowa State Fair – each day of the fair we hold a drawing and give away one pair of hearing aids to the winner – that’s 11 pairs of hearing aids every year!
  • After the Parkersburg Tornado, we purchased 225 flags for the Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).