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“It’s great to be able to hear the conversation at the dinner table. Now when I reply ‘Ya sure’ I know what I’ve agreed to. It’s new world of sound. I recommend visiting Concept before making a decision on hearing loss.”

Ed Podolak, Hall of Fame Kansas City Chief & Color-Commentator for Hawkeye Football

Bobby-Hansen-200x300“I would encourage anyone to call Concept if you struggle to hear. Age has nothing to do with it. I’m in my early 50′s, and I was very surprised to learn that an untreated hearing loss can bring on early onset of dementia. Why risk it if wearing hearing aids can help prevent that?”
Bobby Hansen, Color-Commentator for Hawkeye Basketball Broadcasts

Doug Cooper“Concept hearing aids have changed my life completely. I hear things I didn’t know I didn’t hear before! I wouldn’t go anywhere without them.”
Doug Cooper, Farm Broadcaster for WHO Radio’s The Big Show

Ron Gonder“For a long time, I was in denial about my hearing loss. My Concept hearing aids have made a believer of me on what I’d been missing from family gatherings. As I used to say quite often on the Hawkeye basketball broadcasts, ‘It was a jamerooski for twoski.’ ”
Ron Gonder, Host of WMT Radio’s Footprints from The Big Shoe

Ken Root“I have never considered hearing aids an indication of a disability. I see them as the same type of compensation as glasses or joint replacement, or any other means to bring our quality of life to the highest level. The Concept Premier technology is moving me closer to normal hearing than I thought possible!”
Ken Root, Farm News Broadcaster


Any and all patient information gathered by Concept By IOWA Hearing AID Centers is confidential & protected under HIPAA guidelines.